Impact Campaign for Climate Justice

Impact campaign

After having worked on our feature documentary Thank You For The Rain for nearly seven years, we wanted to use the film to create real change. In 2017, along with the film's international release, we launched an global impact campaign aiming to build climate resilient communities, strengthen the climate justice movement, and to push policymakers to take steps to limit climate change and support frontline communities.

Kisilu, the film's protagonist and co-creator, is using the film in Kenya as a tool to empower farmers on the frontline of climate change. In this pilot project, Kisilu and his team organize film screenings and workshops where farmers come together and discuss their needs, teach each other farming techniques, and explore how their community can better adapt to the changing weather. The team also facilitates meetings between local communities and local policymakers.

In Norway, we had a community screening campaign in 2017, where we offered the film for free to organizers who wished to put climate justice on the agenda before the parliamentary elections. The film was screened by organizations, activists, individuals, churches and schools in more than 30 locations.

The campaign was developed through the Doc Society programmes Good Pitch Kenya 2016 and Good Pitch Europe 2017.

See for more information about the film. We are planning to expand these projects to other countries and regions. If you are interested in using Thank You For The Rain in your work, please get in touch at!