With Grace

In progress

A short documentary about a playful childhood at the frontline of climate change

Grace is a young girl from rural Kenya with a lot of energy, humor and big dreams. Her family has lived as farmers in balance with nature for generations, but now climate change is threatening to destroy it all. Grace loves to come up with creative ideas to make her siblings laugh, and wants to become a comedian as well as a farmer just as her family has for generations. But life as a farmer is much more challenging today than when her grandparents first became farmers. Can she follow her dreams even though extreme weather threatens to destroy her family farm?

Target Audience
8-12 year olds and their families

Director: Julia Dahr
Co-director: Dina Mwende
Producer: Natalya Sarch, Differ Media
Co-producer Kenya: Emily Wanja, Ground Volume

The project is a co-production Ground Volume, and has received support from the Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord, Viken Filmsenter and Bergesenstiftelsen. It was selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2021/22.