With Grace

In progress

A short documentary about a playful childhood at the frontline of climate change

Grace is a playful girl from rural Kenya, always coming up with creative ideas to make her eight siblings laugh. Her dream is to become a comedian – and a farmer like her mum and dad. Her dad is an expert at telling jokes, and in the evening by the fire, Grace watches his every move to learn how to become even funnier. But when a terrible drought hits the village, Grace learns that many dads in the village have to leave their families behind to search for a job in the city far away. Grace’s biggest worry becomes that her dad might also have to leave. Grace and her family find hope in their shared humor and through planting tree seedlings that one day can grow into tall, strong trees that will help their food crops adapt to the drought and give them fruit to sell. But will their efforts be enough to keep her family together?

Target Audience
8-12 year olds and their families

Director: Julia Dahr
Co-director: Dina Mwende
Producer: Natalya Sarch, Differ Media
Co-producer Kenya: Emily Wanja, Ground Volume

The project has received support from the Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord, Viken Filmsenter and Bergesenstiftelsen. It was selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2021/22, Climate Story Lab Africa 2022, and m:brane REALYOUNG 2023.