Tangier island feature documentary


In progress

What does it take to traverse the oceans between us?

A tight-knit crabbing community in the U.S. fights for a sea wall to save their beloved island from vanishing into the Chesapeake Bay. Despite many of them not believing in man-made climate change, they engage in conversations with three filmmakers who do. Shot over four years, Stayers sparks self-reflective journeys on opposite sides of the climate debate.

The film explores universal topics such as why we feel so attacked and provoked by people who disagree with us, especially at a time of increasing polarization. Anchored in a collective search for common ground and solutions, the film explores what it takes to listen and create meaningful conversations across the divide. Turns out, it’s harder than we think, but hearteningly possible.

Director: Julia Dahr
Co-directors: Hannah Jayanti & Julie Lunde Lillesæter
Producer: Natalya Sarch (Differ Media)
Co-producer: Darcy McKinnon (Gusto Moving Pictures)


The project has received support from The Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord, Viken Filmsenter, The Rogovy Foundation, Arts Council Norway and Bergesenstiftelsen.



Ooker tangier Island feature documentary