Mission Impact

Web series, 2019

Mission Impact is a Norwegian documentary web series following three young activists – Penelope Lea (14), Victoria Skau (18) and Kim Mateo (27) – on their mission for sustainability.  

The series was released exclusively on Facebook and YouTube on 2 April 2019

Official website: www.missionimpact.no
Facebook: Mission Impact
Twitter: @MissionImpact_
Instagram: @MissionImpactSeries

Director: Bår Tyrmi
Producer: Julia Dahr
Idea and concept: Bår Tyrmi, Julia Dahr
Project leader: Johanne Kristensen Sandvik
Editor: Bår Tyrmi, Dag Mykland
Cinematographers: Aurora Hannisdal, Julie Lunde Lillesæter, Frida Marie Flatland
Impact producer: Johanne Kristensen Sandvik, Julia Dahr
Assistant producer: Julie Lunde Lillesæter, Bår Tyrmi
Grading and sound: Dag Mykland

Produced by Hacienda Film and Differ Media, in cooperation with Forum for Utvikling og Miljø. Made possible with the support from Norad.