Climate Story Lab Nordic

In partnership with Doc Society

Climate communication is more critical than ever before: we need the best storytelling to reach its full potential and reach the audiences that matter.

The Climate Story Lab Nordic 2023 vision is to connect a selection of powerful creative narratives that address climate change and climate justice while exploring impact strategies with key allies, strategists, representatives, organisational partners and funders.

The first part of the lab is a two-day workshop for the selected projects, taking place in Stockholm, November 2023. The lab culminates in an open event at CPH:DOX 2024, bringing together creative storytellers and climate stakeholders.

Read more about the lab here.

Climate Story Lab Nordic is hosted by Differ Media and Hum Studio Interactive in partnership with Doc Society and the Climate Story Unit. The programme is supported by Doc Society, Fritt Ord, and Minor Foundation for Major Challenges.