When Pride Came To Town

17 min, 2018

Can religious freedom and LGBTQ+ rights co-exist? A provocative yet heartwarming story about Norway’s first rural Pride parade. 

We meet 52 year old Bjørn-Tore, who once fled his rural hometown to live more freely as a gay man. Concurrently the film portrays the different perspectives that exists within the same town. In the weeks leading up to the parade we get to know a local church group protesting the Pride, we meet the local Provost and we follow Bjørn-Tore as he returns to his hometown to take part in the parade.

“A moving film […] with a careful and unique visual language. As a viewer you care about the main character, and the opponents are presented in a nuanced way. We are impressed with how much the film is able to say in such a short time.”

Jury comment


Norway: Aftenposten or NRK


Directed, written, and produced by Julia Dahr & Julie Lunde Lillesæter
Cinematographer: Julie Lunde Lillesæter
Editor: Mathias Askeland
Producer Aftenposten: Jonas Brenna
Assistant producer & Researcher: Johanne Kristensen Sandvik
Sound design: Karoline Fjugstad Wendelborg
Archival research: Aurora Hannisdal

A co-production with the Aftenposten. Made possible by the support of AftenpostenBergesenstiftelsenFoFoGoFo and Viken Filmsenter.


Best Short Documentary (The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, 2019)
Best LGBT Short (Queen City Film Festival, 2019)


Oslo Fusion Film Festival, 2018, Norway
Minimalen Short Film Festival, 2019, Norway
American Documentary Film Festival, 2019, USA
Atlanta Film Festival, 2019, USA
The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, 2019, Norway
Nordic/Docs, 2019, Norway
North x North Festival, 2019, USA
Diaspora Film Festival, 2019, South Korea
Cine-Sister, 2019, United Kingdom
Helsinki International Film Festival, 2019, Finland
Oslo Short Film Festival, 2019, Norway
Bolton International Film Festival, 2019, UK
Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, 2019, Sweden
OsLove Film Festival, 2019, Norway
Queen City Film Festival, 2019, USA
Best of Norden, 2019, Sweden
International Festival Signes de Nuit, 2019, France
Leeds International Film Festival, 2019, UK
Anchorage International Film Festival, 2019, US
BFI Flare London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival, 2020, UK
Serile Filmului Gay International Film Festival, 2020, Romania
ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival, 2020, China
Louisiana LGBT+ Film Festival, 2020, US
Out Film Connecticut, 2020, US