Video portraits of Norwegian farmers of fruits and greens, made for Gartnerhallen.

The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature (Naturvernforbundet) addressed myths about Norwegian oil production in these films for social media.

A high school class are learning about democracy and equality though drama and role play. Tutorial and inspirational video made for teachers and pedagogs who are interested in trying out theatre pedagogy, made for Drama- og teaterpedagogene.

Two children explore the diverse life in the swamp. We made this film for Sabima (Council for Biodiversity) with the aim to make people discover and fall in love with the swamps.

About the film
Marianne is fighting for dignity after being wrongfully convicted for welfare fraud. She is one of thousands of victims in Norway’s biggest legal scandal, who are now demanding answers – and compensation – in a lawsuit against the state. But with terminal cancer and a life expectancy of two years, time is not on her side. 

Will Marianne live to see the justice she is fighting for?

In Norwegian
Etter å ha vært fengslet og uskyldig dømt i NAV-skandalen, kjemper Marianne for oppreisning for seg selv og minst 7000 andre ofre. Nå går hun og to andre berørte til søksmål mot staten, men med uhelbredelig kreft er verken kroppen eller tiden på hennes side.

Vil hun se rettferdigheten seire mens hun ennå lever?


Director: Johanne Kristensen Sandvik
Producers: Julie Lunde Lillesæter, Johanne Kristensen Sandvik
Director of Photography: Aurora Hannisdal
Production company: Differ Media

The project is in development with support from the Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord, Viken Filmsenter, and FoFoGoFo.

Dokuprat is a new podcast featuring some of the best documentary filmmakers in Norway. In each episode, we sit down with a filmmaker to discuss their work methods, creative choices, and the craft of filmmaking. What motivates them to make the films that they do?

The project has received support from Fritt Ord and Bergesenstiftelsen, and was launched on March 4 2022.


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Host: Johanne Kristensen Sandvik
Producers: Aurora Hannisdal & Julie Lunde Lillesæter

Episode 1 – Director Sofia Haugan

We photographed the Local Stories Documentary Project, telling the stories of inhabitants in Bjerke, a district in Oslo. The project was shown at the Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2019.

Local stories documentaryfilm
Local stories documentary film
Local stories documentary film